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Presentation software has become a frequently utilised tool within the business world, as it allows clear and concise portrayal of facts and figures. However, presentation software can also be used effectively for personal circumstances such as entertainment.

Nowadays, presentation software is used a lot during business meetings

Nowadays, presentation software is used a lot during business meetings

Presentation software is primarily used to allow a visual representation of points discussed within a business environment, such as a meeting. It allows easy to follow slides including charts and graphs to clearly present information to multiple people at once. Due to the availability and usability of presentation software, devices such as flipcharts and chalkboards have become virtually obsolete in terms of business usage.

Presentation software allows for numerous pages of information to be displayed in a specified sequence, helping to deliver information gradually and concisely. This is similar to how a slide projector would be used and explains why presentation software works using “slides”. The slides can also be printed allowing hand-outs or pamphlets to be provided to conclude a presentation.

Presentation software is advancing rapidly, particularly with the emergence of zooming presentation software. Such programs do not work using the slide format; they simply display the entire information in one area which can be used to give an overall impression of the content. Certain areas can then be focused on in more detail at the will of the presenter, allowing a more dynamic and variable method for content to be delivered.

Internet based presentation software is a recent development which is becoming increasingly popular. Similar to a shared spread sheet, this software allows multiple users to access the same presentation online simultaneously and review or modify content as required. This allows multiple users to create a collaborative presentation as opposed to having to review content individually once another user has finished.

Presentation software generally has built in graphic content, however, also offers the functionality to upload digital photography; this allows a slideshow to be created using personal imagery.

Overall, there are many uses for such software, with new versions of such programs constantly being created and developed. This increases usability and reaches wider audiences offering features to cater to personal requirements.

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