Project Management Software

What is project management software? How can it help businesses? Where can it be purchased? These are just a few of questions that this article hopes to answer. This type of software isn’t just useful for large projects that are focused around technology and the Internet, it can be used for anything from the building of a new house all the way up to publishing the next best-selling novel.

Project management software provides an overview on the progress of a project for multiple users

Project management software provides an overview on the progress of a project for multiple users

Project management software is used to timetable, estimate the cost of and allocate personnel to any type of project. Another important feature of project management software is that it allows tasks to be arranged relative to their dependencies on the completion of other projects, this means that resources can be allocated accordingly for the most efficient use of people’s time and equipment. In a complex project streamlining communication and sharing knowledge is vitally important, this software provides an easily accessible view of the overall project progression which also benefits team morale and focus.

There are a number of different ways project management software can be implemented. One of the most popular ways is as a program on each user’s desktop that stores their data in a file or on a shared database. Another method is providing a web based intranet that can be logged into from any computer, allowing data to be shared very quickly. It’s also possible to acquire a system that is designed to be edited by multiple users for large projects that are subject to constant change.

There are hundreds of different possible solutions, but probably the most popular project management software is Microsoft Project. Microsoft provides some of the most comprehensive project management software but at the cost of usability. It is also one of the most expensive pieces of project mangaement software to setup so it is more suited to bigger projects with a larger budget. At the other end of the spectrum is Basecamp which is very cheap, web-based project management software that is very simple and easy to use with online storage, but offers less options and little offline service.

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